Race info

COVID-19 Info

Moving Charlotte forward as safely as we can for our 2021 race

First, let us say thank you for supporting our event and the Charlotte running community. We know that if you have made it to this page, you want to get back to racing just as badly as we do. We will be updating this page as often as we hear news from our city or state on our race.

We are back! We will continue to keep safety as our top priority and look forward to running

05.21.21 UPDATE

The City of Charlotte has given us the go ahead for our race to come back in full capacity! We’re beyond excited to host the community once again on the Queen City’s inner beltway on Labor Day Weekend! Now that we are 100% confident of our race taking place on Sunday, September 5th, we will be back to our regularly scheduled price increases with the first taking place Friday, May 28th.

05.14.21 UPDATE

The most recent Executive Order (EO215) from Governor Roy Cooper fully lifted social distancing and mask mandates for those that are fully vaccinated in the state. This allows for social gatherings in the run community to once again, resume at a full capacity when all are comfortable.

04.28.21 UPDATE

The most recent Executive Order(EO209) from Governor Roy Cooper increased the outdoor mass gathering limit to 200 further allowing race waves to grow.

04.07.21 UPDATE

Due to the amount of potential contact at a water stop, we will be removing water stops and reallocating those volunteers to help with starting waves. Please plan to bring your own hydration for pre-race and on course needs. We will provide post-race hydration and food including Dole bananas.

03.31.21 UPDATE

We now feel confident that we will be able to put on an in-person race and will be continuing with our regularly scheduled price increases. Our next price increase will be in May to $45. More plans will be released in the coming weeks on changes to our race weekend to bring racing back safely to the Queen City.

03.24.21 UPDATE

The most recent Executive Order (EO204-Further-Easing-Restrictions.pdf) from Governor Roy Cooper mentioned “running” stating:

“At a park, beach, or trail, or at outdoor events such as parades, running races or festivals, the outdoor Mass Gathering limit of one hundred (100) people applies to each group of people that may gather together.”

We have worked with Gibbie Harris, the Public Health Director of Mecklenburg County, to interpret this as 100 people per wave. Our guidelines have been supported by the Mecklenburg County Public Health Department and we are working through the next steps now. We will be communicating with other members of the racing community in Charlotte to partner with CMPD, CDOT, and the City of Charlotte to get back to safely running.

You can call us optimistic or blind or passionate, but… we are full force ahead with planning a safe 10K on Charlotte’s inner beltway this year. We’re excited to host our race on Labor Day Weekend in 2021 on Sunday, September 5th in First Ward Park. Once again, we’re ready to show you a course that forces 704 pride to your core as you circle the Queen City on I-277. As we work through the hurdles that we know are ahead, we will continue to keep our community in our prayers, be as transparent as possible, and update you frequently.

We have volunteered our time to work with city officials, the Mecklenburg County Health Department, and the NC governor’s office to create guidelines for the entire state of North Carolina to return to racing. The hope is that these recommendations will help all races have parameters to guide the local racing industry back to life.

In this time of uncertainty, we will not be raising our prices above $40 until we know we can have a full in-person event. There’s always the chance that we’ll have to switch to a virtual event or something similar to what we did in 2020 with our Truist Time Trials. If it is determined that it is unsafe for us to run in the thousands, our team is confident that we will be able to work with our partners and sponsors to bring an ATC quality event in 2021. Whether it be a drive through expo with courses throughout the city or a scavenger hunt in the corners of the neighborhoods or even a week-long race… we know that we will find a way to bring the runners of Charlotte and the surrounding area back together to smile, sweat, and run some more ridiculous hills.

Our purpose is to bring the community together to run on our highway, in our city, with our friends. Thousands of them. Celebrating that we made it through these tough times. Looking back only to see how strong we became during these days, weeks, and months.⁣

From everyone on the ATC10K team, we appreciate your support and will continue to make you proud to call Charlotte home to some bad ass runners.