The team at Around the Crown 10K is committed to the experience we deliver, and to doing it better each and every year. We’ve called ourselves out on some of our growing pains this year already, but we want to take it a step further. With that, we want to make sure that we continue to grow at a pace (see what we did there – our pacers are in the pictures on this page… it’s funny) that is sustainable for our team. In 2022, we saw a 19.7% growth and in 2023 we saw a 22.6% growth. We’re concerned as to what a 25%+ growth year could look like for the quality of our event. The swag, the parking, the after party, the kid’s race, the expo space, finish line supplies, volunteers, and so much more; all of this is uncharted territory with larger numbers with the style of event this team likes to produce.

Simply put, we want to continue to do right by you and right by this city.

In 2024 we will have a cap of 7,277 runners. Transparently, that is a big number, and we may not reach it. This will still allow for 20%+ growth while continuing this same trend we’re seeing post-pandemic. We will continue down this path for the next couple of years if necessary to keep the quality, integrity, and spirit of this amazing race that our beloved city deserves and has come to expect!

All we can say is “Thank You!” for the amazing support and love you have poured into this race. The best years are ahead!