Before you get to the finish, you've got to first prepare yourself to get to the start line.

Embrace your pace

The 10K distance is very popular with beginner runners, especially those who have done a 5K race but don’t feel they’re quite ready to take on the half-marathon. As a test of both speed and endurance, this distance combines the best aspects of the 5K and the marathon.

Keep in mind, of course, that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all training program. While the 10K training schedules offered here are solid and dependable, you should feel free to tinker with them and make them your own.

OrthoCarolina Maintenance Plan

We’ve teamed up with our friends at OrthoCarolina, MADabolic, and Coach Phil – our First Timers Club coach – to bring you a plan to keep you engaged, moving, and motivated. This challenge will be updated each week with workouts, stretches, yoga, and of course runs. Join us as we build our momentum for the next 8 weeks and keep moving forward!

Week 6







  • Beginner – Run 4 miles
  • Experienced – 8 miles


Training Plans powered by OrthoCarolina

Whether you’re training for your first 10k or looking for that new personal record, these training plans provided by OrthoCarolina are ready to get you there! For 2021, we’re excited to bring MADabolic along to help with your cross training efforts throughout the ten weeks!

Each 10-week plan is authored by OrthoCarolina Physical Therapist, Carrie Rhodes. PT’s are movement experts so Carrie’s plans are designed to get you to the finish line feeling confident, prepared and injuryfree! 

Beginner Training Plan – Download, print, and get to it!

Advanced Training Plan – Step it up a notch and stick this one to the fridge!

Pace Team

We’ve teamed up with runCLTrun and the Charlotte Running Club to create a pacing team to get you to the finish line whether it’s your first 10K or your going for a new PR! We will have pacers for:

45 Minutes = 7:14 min/mi pace
50 Minutes = 8:02 min/mi pace
55 Minutes = 8:51 min/mi pace
60 Minutes = 9:39 min/mi pace
65 Minutes = 10:27 min/mi pace
70 Minutes = 11:15 min/mi pace
75 Minutes = 12:04 min/mi pace
80 Minutes = 12:52 min/mi pace
85 Minutes = 13:45 min/mi pace (Maximum Pace)

Local Training Programs

Charlotte has a lot to offer when it comes to getting you active. Here are a few of the local groups #AroundTheCrown that will help hold you accountable with their meetups and social gatherings!

Queen City Road Runners
Fleet Feet Huntersville 10K Training Group
Fleet Feet Fort Mill Running Club
Fast Feet Running Club
Run For You – Run Fit

Training FAQs:

How far is a 10K in miles?

In miles, a 10K race is 6.2 miles long. Just long enough to make it a solid challenge without breaking you down.

How much time do I need to train for a 10K?

The training period you will need for a 10K race depends on numerous factors, including your current fitness level, your running experience, and your goals for the race. Our plans have you set to complete our race after 10 weeks of training.

What advice would you give a new runner?

Don’t do too much too soon. Don’t feel like you have to go out and start running every single day. Build up your runs at your own pace. Let the training do its job.