Run some miles. Win some prizes.

As always, we love getting you outside and active. We’re hiding 20 special golden “eggs” aka ATC10K unique race medals along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway. Twenty may sound like a lot, but this is Charlotte’s longest greenway with close to 20 miles for us to get sneaky. Pay attention to our Instagram and our Strava Club for hints and clues starting Saturday (3/30) morning.

Once you find one, be sure to follow us on Instagram, snap a picture, and tag us on your Instagram story to receive your prize!

The Silly Wabbit’s Map

We’ll be updating this Strava map on Saturday with locations of each golden egg, but you’ll still need to get your Sherlock Holmes on once you get close! Plan to run to a few of them because these will be going fasssstt!


Each golden egg links to one of the prizes below. There will be a secret engraved message on each to let you know your prize, but you’ll then need to tag us on Instagram in your story or post to claim the prize. We will only be allowing one prize per person, so if you find an extra, hide it again, or drop a little hit to a friend. We may be adding more, so just know this list is getting better by the day…