Diana is Charlotte running

We have always loved our Viva Chicken volunteers and we know that Around the Crown 10K could simply not happen without them. This year to show them how much we love them, we have given them an incredible human to star in the role of Volunteer Coordinator. Let’s take a few minutes to introduce to you, the amazing Diana Peugh!

Diana is no stranger to the running scene. If you have ever visited Devil’s Logic Run Club on a Thursday evening, you’ve likely been welcomed by her smiling face. She organized that group in October of 2020 and it has grown to one of the largest in town. Fun fact, Diana also used to attend Philosopher’s Stone Run Club (shout OUT to Bevin Jett and Clifton Miller, who organized what some consider the OG run club in Charlotte) back in 2010.

Diana grew up in Charlotte. School and life brought her places like New York City where her first running steps with the New York Road Runners planted a seed in her that we are lucky enough to watch bloom and grow here in Charlotte. 

Diana is active in the Latino Community and has started a group called Thrive Amiga, whose focus is on females creating friendships, connections, and sneaking in some healthy habits like running (no surprise there!). She’s drawn to community and engagement in it. “My love of making connections came from my love of running. It’s an equalizer. I have made so many awesome friendships through running.”One of the biggest misconceptions is that one has to be a fast runner to benefit from all of the fun of a run club or group run. This sport is for everyone, and Diana is on a mission to clear that up, one meeting and person at a time. 

🔥Rapid fire questions with Diana: 

🔥Favorite Race: The Marine Corps Marathon. “My husband is a veteran, so it’s special. I love the blue mile and reading the names of the fallen because it’s one small way I can honor their sacrifice and let their families know their loved ones aren’t forgotten.”

🔥Favorite Local Race: Charlotte Racefest (she’s run both the 10k and the half marathon)

🔥Favorite Marathon: Chicago (she’s run it 5 times)! “The energy, the vibe, just everything.  My mom grew up in Chicago and I still have family there. I’ve met good Charlotte friends at that race! Eric Smith paced me in 2019. Even the horrible weather ones were fun: in 2018 I ran in 38 degrees and pouring rain, and next to Kevin Hart!”

🔥Favorite Food: “I am a huge foodie (the reason why I run lol) and will literally eat anything but my top three would be Mexican, Sushi, and hot dogs – yes, hot dogs. Fun fact: One day I would like to enter the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest.” 

🔥Favorite Vacation: “My trip to Isla Holbox (pronounced Holbosh), Mexico, was an absolute gem! This island, just north of Cancun, is a wildlife haven. From May to September, you can spot whale sharks, dolphins, and turtles. Plus, the sunsets are breathtaking, and the tropical vibes are irresistible. But what really surprised me were the fantastic small cafes and restaurants. I had fresh seafood every day, with plenty of options for plant-based eats too. If you ever go, be prepared for spotty internet!”

🔥Favorite Way to Spend A Saturday Morning (that isn’t running): “When I’m not hitting the pavement, I opt for fun hikes to check out the views. But I also enjoy unwinding with my hubs and fur baby.”

Volunteer with us

It takes a lot to shut down a highway. We really couldn’t do it without our amazing volunteers. This year, in addition to the expo and race day fun, we will need even more hands on deck with a Green Team, powered by Recover, enhanced corrals to keep the start safe and efficient, and an expected over 7000 runners. For most of the volunteer positions, you can help and run, so please consider! Reach out to Diana, aka superstar, at volunteer@atc10k.com. We’ll love you forever.