Running is a simple sport and we’re going to keep it easy to get started. Whether you’re in the Charlotte area or in some other beautiful city, these simple tips will help you get started. Be sure to follow our Instagram for more tips throughout the year!

  • 1. Smile every mile – The simple act of smiling can change your attitude on how your run is going and how you’re physically feeling as well as motivate others around you!
  • 2. Runners etiquette – Communicate with those around you by telling them you’re coming up on the left or a peppy “Howdy!”. It helps to either run without headphones or keep them low or one earbud out. This will also keep you safe as other commuters like bikes and vehicles will need to communicate with you.
  • 3. Gear or lack thereof – Not a lot is needed to start running so don’t worry with having the perfect shoes or apparel. Once you get into it a little more, remember that cotton is rotten and head to your local running shop with help on getting properly fit for running gear.
  • 4. Slow down – This goes for your pace and your mileage. As with everything else in life, running is best in moderation. You’ll enjoy it and get more out of it!
  • 5. Use Technology – The go to app is Strava and you’ll find a massive community on there through clubs, routes, segments, and all kinds of fun.