Key partnerships with like minded businesses allowed us to accomplish a lot this year


We started our journey with cupless water stops in 2019 and we had to keep it going this year. We learned about Hiccup through other local race directors and went for it! They were amazing to work with and helped us divert 8,000 paper cups from the landfill.

Boxed Water

Boxed water cartons are 92% renewable which means they are a better alternative for our planet than single-use plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Working with boxed water allowed us to divert 3,600 plastic bottles from the landfill.


Our partnership with Crown Town Compost has allowed us to compost our food from our events every year and this year was no different. After the event, we load up all of their bins of peels and any excess bananas to take to their composting facility. This year, we had over 3,000 pounds of Dole banana compost diverted.

Reusable Race Bags

When we partner with local companies, one of the first questions we ask is how we can be more sustainable. One of the first things Morningstar Storage mentioned was their reusable bags and we love seeing those bright orange totes in all of our expo pictures. They helped us divert 4,000 plastic bags from the landfill this year.


And now for the big one. Recover is who got us started down this road of sustainability when ATC10K was just a little crazy idea. We partner with them for our race, volunteer, and merchandise shirts allowing us to divert a total of 32,946 plastic bottles as well as:

  • – Saved 121,048 KWH of energy
  • – Saved 49,272 lbs of CO2 emissions
  • – Saved 8.5 million gallons of water


We’re excited to challenge ourselves even more in the new year and look to you to hold us accountable and send us new ideas you see as you run your way across this beautiful country. Reach out if you ever learn of a new practice through another race and we’ll make it happen!