The Truist Training Tours are a series of training runs designed to take runners on routes through lesser run Charlotte neighborhoods, highlighting places of historical significance and tell the story of each neighborhood as they train.

In the coming years, Around the Crown 10K and Truist plan to give back to non-profits in these neighborhoods, support local businesses, and make Charlotte just a little more active. The first of these events was hosted on Tuesday, 8/3, at 6 p.m. in the Thomasboro-Hoskins neighborhood at Eva B. Barber Park, in correlation with National Night Out. There was a walk/run around the park, a DJ, a cook out, and activities for kids. 

We are also excited to design a course to train on in the neighborhood for the weeks leading up to the race. Go check out this route to explore Thomasboro – Hoskins on your own and see the gardens, one of the lesser known mills still left in the city, and so much more history.