The Truist Training Tours are a series of training runs designed to take runners on routes through lesser run Charlotte neighborhoods, highlighting places of diversity and historical significance while telling the story of each neighborhood as you train.

We hosted our first event of 2022 on the Matthews Heritage Trail on Saturday February 5th from the Matthews Heritage Museum. The Matthews Heritage Trail celebrates Historic Crestdale with a trail that extends 1.5 miles connecting multiple destinations along the way. The trail begins at the rear of Matthews Town Hall/Library, continues through the Historic Crestdale Community and connects to Four Mile Creek Greenway at John Street.

Crestdale is one of the oldest African American communities in North Carolina. The Town of Matthews and the Crestdale community have worked to preserve this piece of local history by completing this trail. Be sure to look out for signage placed at specific locations along the trail, detailing some of the history and interesting facts about Crestdale.

After completing the 4 mile loop, we ended with coffee from Brakeman’s and a little more history from the Director of the Matthews Heritage Museum.

Previous Events

Thomasboro-Hoskins neighborhood

The first of these events was hosted in the Thomasboro-Hoskins neighborhood at Eva B. Barber Park, in correlation with National Night Out. There was a walk/run around the park, a DJ, a cook out, and activities for kids. We’ve designed a course to train in the neighborhood for the weeks leading up to the race. Go check out this route to explore Thomasboro – Hoskins on your own and see the gardens, one of the lesser known mills still left in the city, and so much more history.