We are excited to debut our race shirt from Recover, a Charlotte company focused on sustainability!

Once again, we’re working with our favorite local shirt slinger, Recover Brands, who produces apparel from plastic bottles making them 100% recycled and buttery soft! This year, we went with their Aluminum color which is a light grey and one of the softest colors they produce. This short sleeve is made from 50% PET (recycled plastic bottles) and 50% upcycled cotton and a whole lot of Charlotte love.

For The Crown

Our 2021 artist, Adé Hogue, is making a return for the shirt design after his amazing medal creative. His font work is out of this world which is the main reason we were excited to work with him and he didn’t disappoint. From the Charlotte script on the medal ribbon now to the block font on the shirt, we’re blown away. Now, it’s up to you to interpret what this shirt means to you.

What is your Crown?

To us, For The Crown means everything we do is For The Crown. Our business, our runs, our every day decisions, the ATC10K team is striving to make the Queen City (and her Crown) a better place to live and play! Your Crown may be your race or your nutrition on race day or even just the final mile of the race. How can you be better each day, each run, and each race? What are your small wins to slowly build and create a better version of yourself and your city.